The Patrimonio wine route,
discover the Corsican vineyard

The Patrimonio wine route

Patrimonio wines have had a designation of origin that has been under control for more than 40 years.

They are recognized as being among the best vintages of Corsica.

Indeed, the limestone hills of the Nebbio valley, nicknamed Conca d’Oru, are ideal for producing high quality wine.

This vineyard produces powerful red wines with notes of red fruit and wood, one of the best rosé wines from Corsica and dry and subtle white wines.

To discover this vineyard, you can follow the Patrimonio wine route which passes through Farinole.

The grape varieties of Patrimonio wine

Corsican wines are made from a very specific grape variety with poetic names and meanings.

The wines of Patrimonio mainly use the nielluccio, vermentino and muscat grape varieties.

Nielluccio is a black grape. Niellu means “black, dark, hard”.

It makes the reputation of Patrimonio wines. 90% of the reds must indeed come from the nielluccio grape to benefit from the AOC.

Vermentino is a white grape variety. It gives fresh and dry white wines of great aromatic subtlety with notes of flowers and apples.

History of Corsican wine

The history of Corsican wine begins more than 2,600 years ago with the arrival of the Greeks on the island of beauty.

It continues with the Romans then the Genoese who developed the Corsican vineyard.

When Corsica became French, the wine developed further until it was affected by a disease, phylloxera which decimated the vines.

Wine production was revived in the 1970s with feet imported from Algeria following decolonization.

In 1968, Patrimonio obtained the first controlled designation of origin in Corsica and since then the quality of Patrimonio’s red wines has been increasingly recognized.

La route des vins de Patrimonio

The Patrimonio wine route will allow you to discover 33 estates following a marked path. It crisscrosses the Patrimonio region via Saint-Florent and Farinole.

The road covers 500 hectares of wine land.In Farinole, Domaine Paoli is located in Campo Maggiore 20 253 Farinole (Phone +33 4 95 37 13 59). In addition, you will easily find guided cellar tours in the town of Patrimonio.

The discovery of the Patrimonio vineyard will certainly surprise you because of its unrecognized quality. Enjoying a glass of Patrimonio rosé accompanied by Corsican cold meats on the terrace of one of our villas with swimming pool, that’s the taste of the holidays.