beaches of Cap Corse not to be missed during your stay in Farinole

Les plaqes du Cap Corse

The beaches of Cap Corse are numerous and diverse.

Between the small wild pebble coves, the large sandy beaches offering many nautical activities and the more secret beaches of the Agriates desert, you will certainly find the beach of your dreams on the island of beauty.

Saint-Florent and Bastia to the northern tip of the island. This region offers a long coastline that is wilder and more unspoiled than the south. You should know that it is quite difficult to go from the west coast to the east coast of Cap Corse, the main road to get there is between Saint-Florent and Bastia.

Here are the beaches that we recommend for swimming or lazing in the sea. sun during your stay in one of our villas in Farinole.

The beaches of Lotu and Saleccia

These two beaches in the Agriates Desert are quite difficult to access, but they are worth exploring. They are inaccessible by car.

You can get there by boat from Saint-Florent or on foot. This can be an opportunity for a hike back.

Count all the same 5 hours of walking. Lotu beach is the smallest and closest to Saint-Florent. Prefer Saleccia which is larger.

These two white sand beaches will allow you to swim in dreamy turquoise waters.

Roya beach

Saint-Florent beach is easy to access and offers many water activities.

There you can find many car parks, restaurants and beach bars.

It is an ideal beach for relaxing with the family and enjoying the amenities of the seaside resort of Saint-Florent.

Nonza beach

This beach has the particularity of being covered with black pebbles. This is one of the curiosities of Cap Corse and is therefore a must visit.

Nonza Beach is two kilometers long and owes its color to the old asbestos quarry that overlooks it.

Rest assured, there is no danger to health visited this beach.

Farinole beach

When we offer villas for rent in Farinole, how can we not talk about one of the easiest beaches of Cap Corse, Farinole beach.

It is a beautiful, family-friendly sandy beach. It also has a second part of pebbles, located on the other side of the Genoese tower.

With a fairly strong wind, it is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. It has a car park and a restaurant, Ambada.

Barcaggio beach

Located to the north of Cap Corse, two hours by car from Farinole, Barcaggio beach is more authentic.

This magnificent beach is an ideal destination for setting off on the small winding roads of Cap Corse and discovering the northern tip.

Tamarone beach

Tamarone beach is a very beautiful white sand beach. It is located north-east of Cap Corse and its access by a bumpy track is a bit difficult.

This is a beach to be earned and therefore not necessarily suitable for families or people with equipment.

You will find a hut on the beach serving fresh, typical and affordable dishes.

Macinaggio beach

Macinaggio is a marina located at the northeastern tip of Cap Corse.

Access to the beach is very easy by car since there is parking available.

Macinaggio has restaurants and shops to stroll around. The beach itself is beautiful and well moved. Moreover, it is not too crowded.

Arinella beach

Located a few kilometers south of Bastia, Arinella beach is very large and very well equipped.

It has many games for children, huts and various refreshments where it is very easy to eat.

The beach is accessible by public transport from Bastia. This busy beach is convenient.

Cala Genovese Beach

The magnificent Cala Genovese beach can only be reached by the customs path.

This small sandy beach is not very crowded, as it is difficult to access.

It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the wild nature of Haute-Corse.

Pietracorbara beach

Located on the east coast of Cap Corse, north of Bastia, the very large beach of Pietracorbara ensures your place in the sun.

The beach is a bit wild and offers a beautiful view of the island of Elba.

The other beaches of Haute-Corse

As indicated in the introduction, the above-mentioned beaches are all located on Cap Corse, but there are other beautiful beaches in Haute-Corse that are easily accessible from Farinole.

There are in particular the beaches around Île-Rousse and Calvi which are worth a visit if you want to make an excursion to the south-east.