Festivals in Haute Corse,
cultural events of summer

Festivals in Haute Corse

Upper Corsica hosts many festivals and cultural events during the summer.

If you stay in one of our villas during your holiday in Corsica, we have prepared for you the schedule of festivals and cultural events not to be missed in the region.

Our villas are located in Farinole near Saint-Florent, Bastia, Patrimonio, Luri and Erbalunga.

These cities host festivals and fantastic events during the summer. You can easily go to these events from your villa in Farinole.

The wine fair of Luri

Luri Wine Fair takes place every year during the first weekend of July.

This is the opportunity to taste the wines of Cap Corse in a festive and family atmosphere.

It’s also a great occasion to discover the regional culinary specialties.

News : www.facebook.com/FoireDeLuri

The nights of the guitar in Patrimonio

The festival nights of the guitar (les nuits de la guitare) is held annually in July in Patrimonio.

This festival highlights the guitar with international artists.

The music is varied with among other jazz, blues, rock and world music.

Edition every year : news : www.festival-guitare-patrimonio.com

La relève du gouverneur

“La relève du gouverneur” is a historical show involving the audience in a walk through the streets of old Bastia.

Many actors in period costumes offer an exciting cultural show.

Edition every year : news : www.visit-corsica.com

The nights of piano Erbalunga

“Les nuits du piano D’Erbalunga” will make you discover four young pianists on four evenings.

It takes place in the beautiful outdoor theater of Erbalunga about 40 kilometers from Farinole.

Edition every year : news : www.lesnuitsdupianoerbalunga.fr

Porto Latino festival in Saint-Florent

Only 10 kilometers from Farinole, Porto Latino festival is held in early August in Saint-Florent.

It hosts well-known artists in idyllic surroundings, the citadel of Saint-Florent.

It’s also a great opportunity to party in the seaside city.

Edition every year : news : portolatino.fr

The Erbalunga Music Festival

The Erbalunga musical festival is dedicated to French music.

It takes place in Erbalunga near Bastia, 40 kilometers from Farinole.

It offers excellent programming with famous French and international artists.

Edition every year : news : www.festivaldemusiqueerbalunga.com

Here’s the list of festivals and major cultural summer events taking place in Upper Corsica near our vacation home in Farinole.

Enjoy the quiet and beauty of Cap Corse residing in one of our villas.

That’s the magic of Cap Corse, preserved nature and numerous cultural activities for your holiday.