Corsican culinary specialties

With Mediterranean and mountain inspirations, Corsican cuisine is varied and unique in the world.

The Isle of Beauty offers many typical and tasty culinary specialties.

If charcuterie is the flagship of Corsican gastronomy, cheeses and other typical dishes are also delicious and enhance an exceptional terroir.

You will find below a presentation of Corsican culinary specialties that you can discover during your stay in one of our villas for rent.

Corsican charcuterie

Tasty and essential, the Corsican charcuterie brings together many culinary specialties not to be missed.

The charcuterie is mainly made with pigs left in semi freedom and wild boars.

You will certainly come across one of these pigs on the roads of Corsica eating chestnuts or acorns.

It perfumes their meat with a very particular flavor and appreciated by all.Here is a list of the main deli meats to taste:

  • Pruttuttu, a ham aged one to two years.
  • The coppa made from pork loin.
  • Figatelli, pork liver sausages to enjoy grilled.
  • Boar terrines.

Corsican cheeses

Corsican cheeses are mainly goat and sheep milk cheeses.

They are quite different from those found on the mainland and the cheeses of Haute-Corse are milder and softer than in the south.

The real star of Corsican cheeses is Brocciu.

It is a fresh cheese made from sheep’s milk.

It can be enjoyed in many dishes or plain with a little sugar at the end of a meal.

In addition, one can cite among the many Corsican cheeses Sartène goat cheese, Venaceu of round shape, Sartinesu and its semi-hard pressed dough, without forgetting the Coscionu of colored rind and soft dough.

Corsican drinks

To accompany all these tasty local specialties, nothing beats a local drink and Corsica offers you a large choice of quality drinks.

Corsican beers like Pietra or Colomba are ideal to taste as an aperitif.

Some are flavored with myrtle and other natural essences.

The wines of Patrimonio, a controlled designation of origin, are strong and tasty.

Red wines will go perfectly with your meals, particularly game meats.

The region also produces tasty and fresh rosé, white and Muscat wines.

As a digestif, you can savor local brandies and myrtle, chestnut or mandarin liqueurs.

The region also produces tasty rosé, white and Muscat wines. As an aperitif, or to accompany a local desert, you can savor brandies and liqueurs with myrtle, chestnut or tangerine. Muscat du Cap-Corse, a sweet wine characterized by its aromatic richness, is also very popular.

Other Corsican specialties

It is difficult to mention all the Corsican specialties as the island gastronomy is so rich.

In addition to charcuterie, cheeses and drinks, Corsica offers you many pastries, donuts, various dishes based on Corsican veal, fish and lobsters. A local production not to be missed, without forgetting jams honey or olive oil in PDO.

These specialties are to be enjoyed throughout your stay in Corsica.

You will certainly discover at random from a local restaurant or a grocery store unsuspected delights that will delight your taste buds..

Photo credits: Pierrre Bona et JPS68.