The best hikes and walks
in Farinole and Saint-Florent

The most beautiful walks in Haute-Corse

If the famous GR 20 hiking trail does not pass near Farinole, there are however wonderful walks and hikes to do in the region.

From Farinole, walks will allow you to discover the iron mines or the Convent of Marianda.

From Saint-Florent, a hike will take you to the superb Saleccia beach along the customs path.

You will find below the details of these walks and hikes that you can do during your stays in one of our villas for rent in Farinole.

Farinole mines

This family walk from Farinole lasts only 1.5 hours. It’s perfect for a family outing.

The start of this walk is at the north exit of Farinole next to the wash house. Then follow the path for just under an hour to the old mines.

This walk will allow you to enjoy an unparalleled view of the village of Farinole, its navy and the Gulf of Saint-Florent.

On the mine site, you will find three galleries open to the public and an old miners’ house.

The Farinole mines date back to the Genoese occupation. They were exploited during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The Convent of Marianda

The walk to access the convent of Marianda begins on a track starting from the D333 between Patrimonio and Farinole.

You will have to follow a path for 30 minutes to reach the Convent of Marianda.

This easy walk is open to everyone. It will allow you to admire a superb landscape and discover the ruins of a building that is part of Corsican historical heritage.The convent was founded in the seventeenth century and has not been inhabited for 200 years.

The pediment of the convent collapsed in 2013.

The coastal path of Saint-Florent

This hike from Saint-Florent to Saleccia beach will take you all day. It is a wonderful outing to plan to discover the region and follow the Agriate desert.

The journey is relatively long, we advise you to take the boat from Saint-Florent to Saleccia beach and then come back on foot.

You will be able to enjoy the beach and return quietly in a five hour walk to Saint-Florent.

The Popeye shuttle from
Saint-Florent to Lotu and Saleccia

The Popeye shuttle service will take you to the beaches of Lotu and Saleccia by boat.

The service is active from mid-April to the end of October.

It is worth going to Saleccia by boat and back to Saint-Florent on foot.

Website : Shuttle le Popeye

Saleccia beach

Saleccia beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.

It is only accessible by boat or on foot, which preserves it for the greatest number.

It is about a kilometer long.

To go to Saint-Florent on foot, take the direction of Lotu beach.

Lotu beach

Lotu Beach is an hour’s walk from Saleccia Beach.

It is smaller and therefore offers less space for basking in the sun.

It still remains a superb beach.

Then continue your route on the coastal path to Saint-Florent.

On the way, you can admire La Tour de la Mortella.

This Genoese tower dating from the sixteenth century is a cultural stop not to be missed.

It is a two hour walk from Saint-Florent.

Recommendations and warnings

In any case, remember to take water, food and good shoes.

The sun beats strongly in Corsica during the summer and the coastal path is not shaded.

Above all, do not overestimate your strength, if you are not feeling your best, do not hesitate to return by boat.

The island of beauty is well known for its magnificent landscapes.

A great way to discover the wild beauty of Cap Corse is to take a hike or a stroll.

From Farinole and its surroundings, you have access to wonderful walks and hikes, it’s a good idea for family activity for the holidays.