The island within the island and its wild landscapes

Like a rough diamond in the middle of the Mediterranean, Cap Corse is the "island in the island" of Beauty.

A natural reserve of wonders of all kinds, yet not very well known by tourists, the peninsula is a real world apart!

An intoxicating cocktail of history spanning several centuries, wild landscapes, characterful terroirs, preserved biodiversity and austere coastline.

The beaches of white sand or pebbles, with rocky bottoms and turquoise waters, known or secret and intimate, make you addicted to this part of Corsica.

La Serra, culminating in Monte Stello

A true masterpiece of Mother Nature, Cap Corse is divinely crowned by the central ridge of the Serra which rises to 1307 meters at Monte Stello.

The road crisscrossing between sea and mountains reveals magnificent wilderness sites and offers breathtaking views!

The variety of natural resources and historical and cultural heritage are the pride of the Capcorsins and arouse the curiosity of visitors.

Wild nature and heritage

The citadel of Saint-Florent, near our villas U San Daniellu, the steep roads leading to the villages mingle with the fragrant maquis perched on the sea (Erbalunga, Nonza, Patrimonio, Centuri).

The Genoese towers (La tour Santa Maria dela Chiapella, Tower of the Osse) - form an impressive terrestrial constellation.

The wild beaches in paradisiacal calm nestled in discreet coves (Saleccia Beach, Lodu Beach, Farinole Beach, etc.), the seascapes huddled along the coast serve as a landmark for the eye.

The terraced vineyards and orchards offer a rich variety of unique aromas.

The secret and mysterious coves carpeted with vegetation with Mediterranean essences, the vertiginous coastline with its jagged coast and impressive cliffs as well as the unsuspected waterfalls offer a spectacle of wild and bewitching landscapes.

The place to be

When we add the generosity of the inhabitants, Cap Corse is undoubtedly the ideal place to spend stays in idleness, wander on the hiking trails in direct contact with the wild nature, taste the rich and authentic terroir, share the local way of life or simply admire the palitres of the setting sun behind the hills or plunge into the sea.

Cap Corse is a source of inspiration for nature lovers and globetrotters, a haven of peace for families and full of mysteries and surprises for foodies and wine lovers.