The Saint-Florent seaside resort

The seaside resort of Saint-Florent, Haute-Corse is located just 10 kilometers from Farinole.

It is a very pleasant city which experiences a high number of tourists during the summer.

You can practice many water activities there. The Gulf of Saint-Florent is particularly known for its magnificent scuba diving.

It is also the town where you will find the shuttles to take you to the heavenly beaches of the Agriate desert (Lotu, Malfalcu or Saleccia) by boat.

Saint-Florent, a tourist town

The town of Saint-Florent has clearly moved towards tourist development since the 1970s.

The municipality has developed a marina, a very pleasant central square and the large Roya beach for the greatest comfort of vacationers.

During the summer the city is very lively and welcomes many tourists. Some people even call it “Little Saint Tropez”.

The city offers numerous restaurants, cafés and various attractions throughout the summer period, including the famous Porto Latino festival.

Water activities in Saint-Florent

The Gulf of Saint-Florent offers numerous diving sites for all levels.

It is possible to do first-time diving near Lodo beach.

More distant sites will allow experienced divers to discover magnificent sites with clear waters full of fish.

From St-Florent, many companies also offer sea kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, windsurfing or boat rental.

The Citadel of Saint-Florent

During the summer, the citadel of Saint-Florent hosts various events and activities including the famous Porto Latino festival.

This stronghold dating from the fifteenth century overlooks the city and offers a breathtaking panorama.

The walk to reach it through the small streets is very pleasant.

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is located on the outskirts of the town towards Poggio d'Oletta.

It dates from the twelfth century. It is dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, Santa Maria Assunta.

There is an entrance fee and you must contact the tourist office to find out the visiting times. Sometimes traditional Corsican singing concerts are organized there.

Mortella Tower

The Mortella Tower is located a two-hour walk from St-Florent following the customs officers' path.

This Genoese tower dates from the sixteenth century.

Unfortunately, there remains only one facade of this typical building to admire.

The visit remains interesting at the very least and it could be an opportunity for a short hike.

Roya Beach

The beach in downtown Saint-Florent is convenient and ideal for families.

We walk there for more than 50 meters. That said, it is certainly not the most beautiful beach in the area, prefer the beaches of the Agriate desert or that of Farinole to spend the day.

For more information:
Contact the Saint-Florent tourist office :
Tel: +334 95 37 06 04

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