Corsica cap

Introduction to the region

The Corsican Cap is a mountain arising from the sea which was called by the Romans ‘the sacred headland’. Because of its strategic position in the center of the maritime routes, it is hugely attractive as the numerous Genoese towers along the two contrasting coastlines attest. It is one of the wildest and most unspoilt regions of our island which is what makes it so fascinating.


Like an eagle’s nest perched above the Mediterranean sea ,Nonza is unique and a visit during your holiday is a must.


The Nebbio is a mysterious country often covered by the mist. Clinging  to the Tenda massif, its villages dominate the Gulf of St.Florent.With its tumultuous past the remains of many historic buildings can still be admired whilst walking  through the region.


In the South of the Corsican Cap at the edge of the Nebbio is located the village of Patrimonio. This little region was one of the first to obtain the AOC rating for its wines.The quality of the soil and perfect sunshine contribute to making its wine a Corsican jewel which is internationally known.Its individual wines are made from grapes from the specific vines of “Nieluccio and Malvoisie” .The village is renowned for its annual music festival ‘The Nights of the Guitar’ held every July.


After the wild landscape, you will discover the Gulf of Saint Florent with the village which gave it its name. Walking along the coastal path is a wonderful way to discover  the ‘Desert of Agriates’ shoreline , a unique  and protected environment with marvellous white sandy beaches and deserted creeks . The ‘Lodu’, ‘Saleccia’ and ‘Màlfalcu’ beaches are ungorgettable .
The ancient Genoese city crowned by its citadel is today an important seaside resort where it is possible to enjoy many activitieson land and sea .There are many cultural and musical evening events to enjoy including the festival ‘Porto Latino’ which takes place every August.