The Patrimonio Guitar Nights Festival

The Patrimonio Guitar Nights Festival
If you live in one of our villas in Farinole during the month of July, do not miss the Patrimonio Guitar Night Festival. This is one of the major cultural events in Corsica with the Porto Latino festival in Saint Florent and the Erbalunga festival. It takes place just a few kilometers from Farinole.This event welcomes excellent international artists every year in the idyllic setting of the Patrimonio Theater of Greenery.

Date and place of the festival

This festival celebrating the guitar takes place every year in July at the Théâtre de Verdure in Patrimonio. All of our vacation rental homes are located near this international event.If you live in one of our villas in Farinole, do not miss this major music event.

Guitar Nights 2016 Edition

The twenty-seventh nights of Patrimonio’s guitar will take place from July 17 to 24, 2016 from 8 p.m. at the Théâtre de Verdure in Patrimonio.Here is the complete program:
  • Sunday July 17, 2016: Corsican Trio and Thomas Dutronc
  • Monday July 18, 2016: Simo and L.E.J
  • Tuesday July 19, 2016: Marianne Aya Omac Trio and Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy
  • Wednesday July 20, 2016: Yamandu Costa and Luis Salinas & Sylvain Lu
  • Thursday July 21, 2016: The Bellrays and Skip The Use
  • Friday July 22, 2016: Marian Badoï Trio and Angelo Debarre & Marius Apolstol
  • Saturday July 23, 2016: Stevie Nimmo Trio and Selah Sue
  • Sunday July 24, 2016: Rodney Branigan and Francis Cabrel
  • For the price, the concert place for an evening starts from 35 €.

Festival history

The first edition of the festival dates back to 1990. It was created thanks to the initiative of guitar enthusiasts who had the audacity to invite great artists to come and perform in the magical setting of Patrimonio. Created by guitar enthusiasts, this festival taking place in Patrimonio in Haute-Corse has become a major event on the music scene.The exceptional public and the passion of the organizers contributed greatly to the success of this festival. Since its creation, the guitar nights festival has welcomed the greatest artists on the planet, illustrating themselves in different styles, but all having the particularity of highlighting the guitar.So you can hear jazz, flamenco, rock, blues and of course Corsican music.

Contact and information

association “Les Nuits de la Guitare” BP 12 – 20253 Patrimonio Telephones : +33 (0)4 95 37 12 15 +33 (0)9 52 71 37 36 Mobile : +33 (0)6 10 16 18 20 
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