The French music festival of Erbalunga, Corsica

The French music festival of Erbalunga, Corsica
The Erbalunga festival is three evenings with renowned French-speaking variety artists. It takes place every year at the beginning of August in the green theater of Brando, Erbalunga. It is with the Patrimonio Guitar Nights and the Porto Latino Festival in Saint-Florent, one of the three major summer festivals in Haute Corse.It is an attraction in Haute Corse not to be missed if you live in one of our villas in Farinole during this period.

Erbalunga festival

The festival is organized by the Brando Cultural Association. This festival created by music enthusiasts can take place each year thanks to a team of around thirty volunteers.The festival has around 1,500 spectators per night each year. The small village of Erbalunga is less than 20 kilometers from Bastia and about 40 kilometers from Farinole in Corsica.The Brando Green Theater is an open-air amphitheater that can host shows in a unique setting.

2016 edition

The 28th edition of the Erbalunga festival will take place from Wednesday August 10, 2016 to Friday August 12, 2016. This year the festival welcomes three major French-speaking groups, Coeur de pirate, Zazie et les Innocents.

Wednesday August 10: Pirate’s Heart.

Coeur de pirate is a Quebec artist. Her sweet voice like honey accompanied on the piano is a real pleasure for all music lovers. On her latest album, the singer adds electronic music to her songs.

Thursday August 11: Zazie

The famous French singer presents her new album “Encore Heureux”. For the occasion, Zazie is touring all of France called “L’heureux Tour”. Do not miss it during its passage to Erbalunga.

Friday August 12: Les Innocents and Barbara Furtuna (first part)

Barbara Furtuna is a Corsican group, created in Nebbiu. They spread the Corsican language all over the planet. They mostly sing a cappella in the purest Corsican tradition. This is a group not to be missed to discover local traditional music.Les Innocents is a group that was very well known in the 90s. After a separation in the 2000s, two founding members reassembled the group for our greatest pleasure. We find everything that made the success of the Innocents in their last album released in 2015, Mandarine.


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